Enable your organization to effectively transition to the rapid delivery of high value/quality business and technical solutions by having our experienced, certified Agile Coaches/Gurus transfer relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to your staff/teams.

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Coaching Locations

Agile coaching is provided remotely and/or onsite as follows…


Our Agile Coaches can effectively perform all services (except SAFe Training) 100% remotely (online) by collaborating with your organization/staff, via highly productive online collaboration tools, i.e.: Skype for Business, Skype, GotoMeeting, Webex, Teamviewer or the client’s own collaboration tool(s), etc.


However, licensed SAFe training courses, are mandated (by SAFe®) to be performed 100% onsite only.


Coaching is performed up to 60% remote and 40% onsite (up to a maximum of 4 consecutive days onsite) at locations almost anywhere* within the US or Canada.

*Contact us to confirm specific onsite locations.


Coaching is performed 75% onsite (6 hours) and 25% remote (2 hours) per day at the following locations:

* Within a reasonable walking/subway/taxi distance to/from an Amtrak station in:- Baltimore, MD metro; Washington, DC metro; Princeton, NJ metro; Newark, NJ metro; New York City, NY metro.


Coaching can be provided entirely (100%) onsite, depending on the following durations:


Services having a total duration of between one hour and two weeks are performed almost anywhere* internationally/globally.

*Contact us to confirm specific international/global locations.



Services having a total estimated duration of more than 2 weeks are limited to the following locations:

* Greater Philadelphia, PA metro; Wilmington, DE metro;
* Within a reasonable distance to/from an Amtrak station in:- Harrisburg, PA.

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Our History

AgileCoachGurus.com is owned and operated by Robust Web Services, Inc., incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2002 by George and Louise Loudon.



George Loudon

President & Chief Agile Coach

George has 25+ years’ experience as IT Consultant, in both technical and management consulting roles.


Louise Loudon

Administrative Director

Louise is qualified in Public Relations and has extensive (25+ years) office management and human resource experience at all organizational levels, including the optimization of business workflows.

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